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Our solutions are focused on delivering clear task instruction to floor staff and mobile workers  whilst optimizing the execution thereof. It ensures that tasks are performed accurately and in real-time in the areas of Production, Warehousing and Logistics.

Weighbridge Software

Gravity Weighbridge Automation is a SOLAS-compliant software product. It supports manual operator entry to automated RFID transacting. It can be configured to control cameras, booms and traffic lights. Weighslips can be pushed into the cloud and viewed in MRP

Production Scheduling

Appsource PSE is a packing schedule execution system based on the concept of distributed labelling. Production staff are tracked as they move between stations. The system ensures products are labelled correctly and output is recorded in real-time.

Forklift Task Execution

Appsource FTE with RFID is an execution solution that lets operators pick from and put away stock to mobile racking warehouse positions via real-time RFID and barcode scanning. The system integrates easily with existing stock management systems.

Inspection Tasks

Our vehicle inspection system can be installed as a standalone system or as a bolt-on to Gravity Weighbridge Automation. The progam guides the operator through a series of vehicle health and legal requirement checks, promoting both complete legal compliance and increased safety on the roads.

Yard Management

Appsource Yard Management allows visibility of expected loads and onsite traffic, thereby preventing overcrowding of the loading area. Loaders, gate operators, weighbridge operators, security and administrative staff are all linked to the same system platform.

Cloud Reporting

Gravity Management & Reporting Portal provides a single interface point for information from multiple weighbridge sites. This solution allows the consumers of weighslip information (weighbridge sites, hauliers, suppliers and customers) to view the required information online in near real-time.

Stock Count

Need to count inventory? AppScan’s scanner app lets you conduct stock counts wherever you are and whenever needed. Use it to do your inventory and quickly answer questions about what’s in stock across your stores without leaving the shop floor.  Whether you’re counting all your products in one go or cycle counting through your isles, AppScan has tools to help you track, record, and reconcile inventory quickly and accurately.

Asset Management

The Appsource Asset Management solution provides a single interface for asset registration, asset management, asset counting & variance reporting. This solution allows management to view business critical information, save staff time by making use of the latest counting technologies, proactively report on asset whereabouts and many more.

Inventory Management

Our no-frills Inventory Management solution enables operators to execute tasks effectively and efficiently. The solution consists of a back office component enabling the management of master files, counts, approval processes as well as a mobile (handheld and/or tablet) client for the execution of tasks such as receiving, transfers, counting, dispatching, etc.